The A-School Foundation consists of four teams who work collaboratively to support the School:






The School of Architecture Foundation exists to support and foster the study and teaching of architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history and urban and environmental planning at the University of Virginia, and to aid, strengthen, and extend in every proper and useful manner the work, services and objectives of the School of Architecture.

The major responsibilities of the Foundation Board are to:

I. Set Direction

  • Develop and maintain focus on mission and vision.
  • Establish and oversee implementation of strategic direction.
  • Delegate authority for organizational management.
  • Articulate, safeguard, model, and promote organizational values.

II. Ensure Resources

  • Identify human and financial resources needed for implementation of mission.
  • Establish policies for how these resources will be acquired, including policies for board member participation.
  • Ensure that the necessary resources are made available to carry out the strategic direction. 

III. Provide Oversight

  • Establish financial policies, including spending and investment policies, and ensure accountability.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards.
  • Ensure compliance with the University of Virginia Policy on University-Related Foundations.

Approved by the University of Virginia Board of Visitors in October 2003, the School of Architecture Foundation (SARC Foundation) was incorporated in May 2004. The Foundation is organized to receive and administer gifts, grants, contributions, and donations, and manage all alumni activities of the School, to support and advance the School of Architecture.  The Foundation Board consists of alumni, parents, and friends of the UVa School of Architecture with a deep commitment to the above mission.


To assist the University of Virginia School of Architecture in setting and achieving its goals through the contribution of time, expertise and financial support.  

The primary roles of the Advisory Board members are to actively:

  • Raise awareness of and support for the School of Architecture among key constituencies.
  • Advise and assist the School of Architecture in the development and marketing to key constituencies.
  • Advise and assist the School of Architecture in establishing and strengthening relationships with private industry for sponsored research, new ventures and other forms of collaboration.
  • Support the School of Architecture with contributions of time and financial resources and encourage fellow alumni to do the same.
  • Provide advice to the Dean on matters affecting the future direction of the School of Architecture.
  • Inform an ongoing understanding between the School and the professions that maximize the potential for the success of graduates.

In addition to meeting twice per year, activities of the Board include hosting alumni events, assisting with recruitment, serving on career panels, overseeing the A-School Distinguished Alumni Award, and networking with students, alumni and faculty.  The Advisory Board consists of mainly alumni of the School of Architecture, with a wide variety of personal and professional skills to help accomplish the above mission. The Advisory Board carries no governance nor fiduciary responsibilities.


The A-School Young Alumni Council was founded in 2011, to facilitate and strengthen the connection between UVA School of Architecture and its young alumni. 

The objectives of the AYAC are to:

  • Develop a business, social, and academic network for the School of Architecture young alumni community.
  • Aid young alumni in the transition from UVA to the workplace or graduate school.
  • Encourage young alumni to engage the School of Architecture through increased participation in financial support, as well as through visits, volunteering, student interactions, and networking.
  • Promote stronger communication between the School of Architecture and its young alumni.

In addition to meeting at least once per year in Charlottesville, with regional meetings occurring periodically, activities include: hosting alumni and student events, assisting with recruitment, liaising with student leaders, providing graduate school and early career advice/programming and producing regular communications to the young alumni community.

The AYAC consists of recent graduates from the School of Architecture who have graduated within the last 10 years from either the undergraduate or graduate program. 

AYAC Ambassador Program

The AYAC Executive Council is excited to announce a new way for young alumni across the world to stay more connected with the A-School and each other. The AYAC AMBASSADORS is now accepting volunteers. This engaged group of recent graduates (defined as 10 years out from your most recent graduate or undergraduate dgree from the A-School) will assist the AYAC Executive Council in carrying out the AYAC mission and the priorities of the A-School regionally and remotely. Their focus will be in building community and increasing the young alumni network, especially in smaller regions. This group is ideal for young alumni who are looking for ways to (re)connect with the School and fellow graduates, propose regional ideas, promote alumni news, and lead networking/social/educational events, as well as those who are ready and willing to help when opportunities arise. This program is ideal for young alumni who want to be more involved on the ground but are concerned about the more structured time commitment of the AYAC Executive Council.

Alumni interested in being AYAC Ambassadors should complete the sign up form, which will be processed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. All interested alumni will be included until they surpass ten years from graduation, with an option to opt-out at any time.

AYAC Executive Council 

Applications – DUE APRIL 14, 2018

The AYAC Executive Council is looking for energized and active young alumni! This core group will consist of 20-35 highly dedicated, recent graduates willing to take on volunteer leadership roles at the School.  In addition to attending quarterly meetings (with at least one meeting per year in Charlottesville), the Executive Council will set the direction of the AYAC and oversee AYAC projects and programs, including those related to engagement, regional events, communications, recruitment, career development and fundraising. A member of the Executive Council will act as a regional chair and oversee activities of the AYAC ambassadors in their region. The Executive Council has specific expectations and terms of office.

Those interested in joining must complete this application by April 14th, 2018. A member of the AYAC Executive Council nominating committee will be in touch for an interview.