Q: What are the application deadlines to begin a degree program in fall 2018?

A: The fall 2018 application deadline was Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Q: Is an interview required for admission?

A: No, an interview is not required. 

Q: Do you require a portfolio?

A: A portfolio is required for applications to the Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs as well as for any applicant interested in pursuing the Urban Design Certificate. Portfolio submissions are optional for Architectural History, Urban & Environmental Planning, and the PhD program unless pursuing the Urban Design Certificate. 

Q: Should I send a physical copy of my portfolio?

A: Please upload your portfolio digitally with your application. Do NOT submit a physical copy. (Remember to double-check the formatting of your PDF!)

Portfolio Guidelines

Q: Do you require calculus or physics before entering the MArch program?

A: Calculus and physics are highly recommended prior to entering the MArch program but are not prerequisites for admission.

Q: Can I receive an application fee waiver?

A: Information regarding the Application Fee Waiver and how to submit a waiver request form can be found on the University of Virginia's Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website.

Q: When are admission decisions made, and how will I be notified?

A: Admissions decisions will be posted by early March. You will be notified of our admission decision through the online application tool and via email.

Q: Do you have any part-time programs?

A: No, all of our programs are considered full-time.

Q: May I enroll in the spring semester?

A: We offer admission to the graduate programs for the fall semester only (though some may be required to begin classes during UVA’s Summer Sessions). Students who would like to take non-degree classes in the spring may be able to take a course through the Community Scholar program, administered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Q: I qualify for Direct Admit. What do I do?

A: Direct Admit students will fill out the same application as our regular application, but should select "Yes" to the question "Are you applying as a Direct Admit?" The application will automatically remove any requirements that are waived for Direct Admit students. Students applying for Architecture or Landscape Architecture should note that the portfolio to required in order to be in considered for departmental aid.

Direct Admit eligible students who wish to continue their graduate studies at UVA beyond 2018 should contact the Office of Admissions at a-school-admissions@virginia.edu for details. 

Q: What is involved in applying for two degrees?

A: If you are interested in pursuing dual degrees at the School of Architecture you should apply for each program separately. You must create one account per program application and submit one online application per program. You will also need to submit one copy of all other required materials per program (Scores need only to be sent once the University). Your applications will be reviewed independently of each other.

Currently enrolled students seeking a second degree must also submit an application with updated transcripts, recommendations, and portfolio (if applicable).

Q: I previously applied to the School of Architecture. Do I need to resubmit an application?

A: Even if you recently applied to the School of Architecture’s graduate programs admission, you need to submit a new application with all applicable updated information. 

Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 434 924 6228 or a-school-admissions@virginia.edu with questions about reapplying.

Q: If I am currently enrolled in another graduate program, may I transfer to your program, and will my credits transfer?

A: You should apply to the program following the normal application process. Since each department handles transfer credit differently, each applicant is handled on a case-by-case basis. Possibilities for handling your previous credits may include: having a UVA School of Architecture graduate course requirement waived, receiving credit for a graduate course but not the grade, etc.

Q: Which program Path should I choose for the Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture programs?

A: Use our new "Pathfinder" tool or consult the following Graduate Records for the appropriate degree program:


Landscape Architecture

International Students:  Please refer to the prerequisite requirements for each Path.  Educational backgrounds that are the same but use different terminology will be considered for admission to 2 and 2.5 Paths, however accreditation rules prohibit international students from applying to certain paths [such as the MLA Path 2.0 or 2.0 Advanced Paths].

If you are still unsure if you selected the correct Path, please be assured that you will be notified if the Admissions Committee feels you need to be in a different Path and you will be placed in the appropriate category during the admissions process.

Q: Do you have minimum requirements for the GRE or GPA?

A: We do not have minimum requirements for the GRE or GPA, however, the strength of your overall application package will take both of these measures into consideration. GRE scores are valid for 5 years. The GRE MUST be taken at least two weeks prior to the program admission deadline in order for the University to receive scores and match them to your application for review by Admissions Committees.

Q: I need to send official test scores to your school. What is your institution code?

A: Our institution code for the GRE is 5820 (there is no separate department code). The institution code for the TOEFL is B875. Scores must be submitted by the appropriate admissions deadline.

Q: May I substitute another test in lieu of the GRE (i.e. GMAT)?

A: The departments of Architecture, Architectural History and Landscape Architecture only accept the GRE. The department of Urban and Environmental Planning will accept the LSAT or GMAT in lieu of the GRE. Please ask Parsons VUE to resend your scores. Scores must be submitted by the appropriate admissions deadline.

Q: Do you require TOEFL or IELTS from international students?

A: If you are an international applicant whose first or native language is not English you are also required to take either the TOEFL or IELTS examination. You will be exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS if you have an undergraduate degree from a residential, 4-year, institution whose primary instruction is in English. You must retake your exam if the scores are more than 2 years old. Test scores should be forwarded directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS). Our institution code for ETS is B875 – there is NO separate department code. Requests to make your IELTS scores available to the University of Virginia should be made at your test center. Do NOT send paper copies to UVA or the School of Architecture – they will not be accepted. The TOEFL or IELTS MUST be taken at least two weeks prior to the program admission deadline in order for the University to receive scores and match to your application for review by Admissions Committees.

TOEFL MINIMUMS: 600 (paper-based); 250 (computer-based); or 90 (internet-based) [The School of Architecture prefers a minimum of 100 for the internet-based exam for a student's success in the program.]


Q: Can I take a required test after the application deadline?

A:  It is recommended to complete all tests two weeks prior to the application deadline in order to receive the official scores in a timely manner. Admissions committees will review applications without scores, however, any missing pieces on an application limit the committee's ability for making an informed decision regarding admission and could negatively impact the decision outcome.

Q. How many letters of recommendation are required?

A: Three (3) letters of recommendation are required. Recommender information will be entered on the application and the recommender will receive an email with log-on information for submitting their letter.

Q: Can I submit an application before one or more of my recommenders has completed their letter of recommendation?

A: Yes. The on-line system is able to receive letters of recommendation before or after an application is submitted.

Q: If a recommender is having technical issues with the application system, is there another way to submit their recommendation?

A: If the application link sent to a recommender is not working properly, the recommender can email their letter to Central Admissions at: garchadmissions@virginia.edu. Please note the applicant's name in the subject line to ensure the letter is uploaded to the correct application.

Q: What is the cost of attendance?

A: Please consult UVA’s 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees.

Q: How do I become a Virginia resident?

A: If your primary reason for moving to Virginia is for education, you will likely not be granted in-state residency. The basic guidelines are that you must live for 1 year prior to enrolling as a student. Please see the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia webpage for guidelines used to determine domicile status.

For more information on how to apply for financial aid and more: