Design innovation is shaped by rigorous experimentation where tools and technologies are explored, tested, and applied. We continue to invest in emergent technologies - from design computation and data-driven design research to robotics and fabrication - that are redefining our present and future.

Our DESIGN + TECHNOLOGY projects explore the ways in which our relationships with technologies shape how we conceive of, perceive, and construct ourselves and our built environment. Research areas include advanced fabrication, design computation, sensing systems, advanced material manufacturing, augmented reality and virtual reality, geo-spatial analysis and visualization, robotics, material ecologies and more. 

Emergent technologies are also examined in the context of and alongside traditional building technologies. Our DESIGN + TECHNOLOGY projects also include design-build studios, and studios focused on the art and craft of material detailing, structural expression, and tectonic complexity. Our projects that examine new material alternatives also aim to build collaborative relationships between architects, designers, environmental scientists, engineers, manufacturers, and more.


Coastal Regeneration through Sensing Systems and Robotics

Advanced Material Manufacturing

AR/VR Simulation

GIS/Geo-Spatial Analysis and Visualization


Material Innovations + Material Futures Studios and Workshops

Building Tolerance + Building Details Studios 

Our current models of space are continuous, variant and complex, a by-product of the ever-expanding capacities of advanced technologies.