Fort Mason

Mona El Khafif

Fort Mason Masterplan, San  Francisco

Type: Urban Design Competition, Credits: Team West 8: bionic, HRA, Jensen Architects, SCALESHIFT Berman El Khafif, West 8, Date: 2013, Award: 1st Prize Design Competition Fort Mason

The projects seek to regenerate Fort Mason within its economical and cultural mission as a non-profit cultural site and to strengthen its identity through 5 key operations:

1. The redesign of Pier 1 with the support of a pro-profit investor as an art hotel.

2. The development of the site as a critical connector and synopsis between the urban waterfront, Alcatraz, and the natural waterfront in San Francisco.

3. The design and enhancement of the public spaces through temporary programming and new investments into the water-related public spaces.

4. The curation of the site programming and a readjustment of its cultural and economical performance within the spatial resources of Fort Mason.

5. A place branding and place management strategy that allows to strengthen and to readjust the site‘s identity as an important and unique cultural cluster in San Francisco and the SF Bay Area.

SCALESHIFT conducted the place branding and urban programming strategy that celebrated the site‘s success and that tried to nurture its future on its capability to connect the local community with the global world.