Mona El Khafif

iLounge_Instant I Interim Interactive, San Jose 2012, Minneapolis 2012

Public social space is all around us and permanently changing. iLounge - a design built intervention in public space for Northern Spark in Minneapolis and for the ZERO1 San Jose Biennial in 2012 - offers an instant social stage to create a temporary community for a minute, an hour or an evening. iLounge operates as a social catalyst for place-making by creating new connections with the existing city while engaging information technology to augment or alter social interactions in public space. iLounge has the ambition of being an urban space that interacts with its inhabitants: a space that adapts to the needs of the citizens but also a space that stimulates citizens to look, listen, exchange, reflect, and to relax. iLounge is instant, interim and interactive and predominately refers to “I” am.

Type: Temporary Installation

Credits: Mona El Khafif, Marcella Del Signore

Date: Juni 2012, September 2012, January 2013

Budget: $ 15.000,00 Project commissioned by ZERO1 and Northern Sparks

Published:  iLOUNGE is featured in “Urban Machines”

Editors: Marcella Del Signore & Gernold Riether, ACTAR-d and LISTlab Publishers, expected print fall 2015, p. 160 and in “ACSA 101 Proceedings I Project Catalogue“ 

Editors: Ila Berman & Ed Mitchel