Mona El Khafif

Type: Temporary Installation 

Credits: Mona El Khafif, Kory Bieg, CCA URBANlab and students: Josh Campos, Alexa Getting, Brittany Glover, Richard Lyttle, Carlos Martinez, Jeronimo Roldan, Lauren Tichy, Fabiola Vargas, Mike Vargas, Rachael Yu, and Maryam Zahedi. 

Date: September 2010, Budget: $ 10.000,00 ZERO1 Biennial San Jose

Published: OPspace is featured in “Architecture in the Expanded Field”

Editors: Ila Berman & Douglas Burnham, ORA Publisher, 2016 and in “Brackets 03: At Extremes”

Editors: Maya Przybylski & Lola Sheppard, Actar Publisher, 2016

CitySpaceShare was a pilot project being conducted by students and faculty at the CCA URBANlab. The goal of the project was to demonstrate how flexible architecture and a “Zipcar” style short-term rental model can contribute to the cultural and economic development of a neighborhood by giving communities the tools to reclaim unoccupied storefront spaces on a temporary basis. OPspace—which stands for OPportunities, OPen, and OPerable—is the selected design from the broader CitySpaceShare project being tested at the 3rd 01SJ Biennial. The installation is defined by hinging hexagonal sections that operate similarly to the leaves of an expandable table. By shifting the orientation of the sections a wall becomes a table, or a chair becomes a shelf.

OPspace was installed inside the storefront space of WORKS/San José where students are testing their architectural design through a series of programs created with the local community ranging from bike kitchen to fashion show to DJ lounge.