reCOVER Gita Primary School

Anselmo Canfora

reCOVER K-11 school located in the neighborhood of San Ignacio (El Pantanal) in Granada, Nicaragua; stakeholder organizations: International Christian Education Centers (ICEC) and the Granada Christian Education Center (GCEC);

  • Faculty, Professional Consultants, Non-Profit Directors, and Volunteers 
  • Anselmo Canfora, Project Director, Initiative reCOVER; Aaron Bridgers, Project Manager, reCOVER; Ewan Smith, Structural Engineer, The Arup Cause; Sarah Kaye (GCEC), Charles Kaye (GCEC)
  • Students (reCOVER R&D Seminar)

Aaron Bridgers, Allie Iaccarino, Rachel Himes, Will Haynes, Nicole Zaccack;

Phase one completed, May 2015