Urban Syncopation

Ila Berman + Mona El Khafif

Type: Responsive Installation

Credits: Scaleshift El Khafif Berman, X-Topia Del Signore /OSW, Beites & Co. supported by DATAlab | University of Waterloo, School of Architecture 

Dates: 2016, 2017, 2018 

Awards: One of the 5 best projects of Nuit Blanche 2016, presented at ACSA 2017 and exhibited at the Venice Biennale Data and Matter exhibition 2018.

‘Urban Syncopation’ temporarily inhabits the existing spaces of the city with a performative skin that functions as a responsive, dynamic interface. As in the encryption of data that underlies the invisible orgware of the city’s systems, the patterned and faceted surface of this installation acts as an infrastructural device and living thickened topography that collects, transcodes, and re-transmits—in a rhythmic syncopated fashion—the collective ‘heartbeat’ of the city as this is interwoven with the reflected movements of its immediate environs. The work is a repository of urban information that renders visible the unseen traces of the city’s occupation while simultaneously weaving them into a new architectural and spatial network.