URBANbuild local I global

Ila Berman + Mona El Khafif

Type: Book hardcover, URBANbuild local I global, 

Editors: Ila Berman and Mona El Khafif, William Stout Publisher, Richmond CA 2009, 

Date: Published September 2009

Awards: AIAG Design Archive Award, 2010 I Communication Arts Design Annual 51 Award, 2010

The research presented in this publication is, most notably, a documentation of the work of URBANbuild— a comprehensive two-year program at Tulane University School of Architecture initiated to actively support the rehabilitation of the city of New Orleans in the aftermath of the storm of August 2005. The URBANbuild program was launched to be a unique multi-scaled laboratory for city research as well as a vehicle to generate innovative design strategies and site-specific interventions to aid in the city’s revitalization and future urban development. The program primarily focused its investigations on culturally significant neighborhoods central to the core of the city that had been severely damaged, not only by Hurricane Katrina, but also by a long history of neglect and urban decay.