2017-2019 IATH Fellow: Suzanne Moomaw

Suzanne Moomaw, Associate Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning is the 2017-2019 IATH (The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities) Fellow. IATH is a research unit of the University of Virginia established in 1992 to explore and develop information technology as a tool for scholarly humanities research. Faculty Fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities provide awarded researchers in the arts and humanities with an opportunity to employ sophisticated technical support and advanced computer technology in the service of their scholarship.

As a fellow, Professor Moomaw will continue to develop her ongoing work titled Cities Without Work: The Long Road from Boom to Bust. This project is a collective narrative of the seventeen American cities with the highest rates of unemployment in 1960. Most pronounced in communities whose fortune had been long associated with coal, textiles, manufacturing, and steel, the cities cut a broad geographical and population swatch. The shared narrative of the study reflects the confluence of forces – technology, social, environmental, political – that precipitated the decline of labor-intensive sectors and bolstered or thwarted revitalization efforts in these cities.

Cities Without Work develops a new historical narrative and tools of analysis concerning the revival of the manufacturing sector, the market and non-market policy and regulatory interventions, and the role that local decisions have played in attracting replacement industries. Using quantitative analysis and mapping technologies, qualitative methods, and archival research, the support from IATH will assist in further illustrating the geographic shift of jobs and the clustering of industries and sectors through the lens of these seventeen cities.