Congratulations to Melissa Goldman, Fabrications Facilities Manager and Carolina Myers, research project student lead, whose research paper, "Freezing the Field: Robotic Extrusion Techniques Using Magnetic Fields," won an Autodesk Emerging Research Award from ACADIA. The research paper was presented at MIT this past weekend. The award will give funding to continue their research, and they will present their updated project results at ACADIA 2018 in Mexico City. 

This project, which is the first paper from Architectural Robotics Research Group (ARRG), aims to design and construct a new typology of ferrostructures that are made in a local magnetic field rather than a gravitational one. Much research is being done to minimize formwork and falsework necessary for construction in a gravitational field. If we defy gravity just a little, can we use local magnetic fields as our formwork to make structures? Using a custom material, tool, and micro-casting method, the team developed the framework for a new ferrostructures research with a 6-axis industrial robotic arm.

For more information about the award, please visit ACADIA's website.