HANDBOOK FOR Biophilic City Planning + Design NAMED TOP 10

Tim Beatley's book on The Dirt's top picks  list for 2017

The American Society of Landscape Architects’ online blog, The Dirt, recently listed its picks for 2017’s best books on the environment, cities, and landscape. Congratulations to Tim Beatley’s Handbook of Biophilic City Planning and Design, for being named one of the top 10!  The recently published title by Beatley (Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities, in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning) presents strategies that both boost biodiversity and foster deeper human connections with nature in cities. As more of the world goes urban, we have a fundamental task ahead: to make the world’s cities ecologically-rich and emotionally satisfying. As Beatley puts it, we must use the ‘power of nature’ to improve the experience of city life. Within the book, Beatley unearths fascinating examples like the Mappiness Project in the UK, Singapore's sky-bridges, San Francisco’s Please Touch community garden and many more.

Of the book, Peter Brastow, Biodiversity Coordinator for San Francisco writes, “ Professor Beatley grasps the fundamental role of ecological restoration and stewardship in achieving urban environmental sustainability and resilience. He performs a heroic service by meticulously illustrating that communities all around Earth are reintegrating nature into everyday life in their own place-based ways."

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The full list of The Dirt’s Top 10 Books for 2017 also includes Be Seated by Laurie Olin, recipient of the 2013 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture and The New Landscape Declaration: A Call to Action for the Twenty-First Century, which features contributions by UVA Landscape Architecture faculty, Julie Bargmann, Brad Cantrell, and Beth Meyer. This title “reflect(s) on the last half-century [of landscape architecture] and present(s) bold ideas for what the discipline should achieve in the future.”