Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Eminent Scholar Professor + Chair, Architecture

Education: Yale University, Master of Architecture; Princeton University, B.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning

William Sherman is the Chair of the Department of Architecture, the Lawrence Lewis Jr. Professor of Architecture, Associate Vice President for Research in Design, Arts and Humanities, and the Founding Director of the OpenGrounds initiative at the University of Virginia. As an architect and educator, his teaching and design research examine dynamic cultural and environmental processes in architectural design, ranging in scale from human physiology to global energy flows. His work explores the intersection of these processes with the cultural frameworks that inform the design of buildings and cities, with a particular focus on emerging spaces for creative engagement and institutional transformation.

In 2012, Sherman founded OpenGrounds, a network of places and programs that inspire creative research at the confluence of technology, science, the arts and humanities.  He designed both the spaces and programs of OpenGrounds to serve as catalysts for cross-disciplinary research collaborations and new institutional partnerships that inspire the conception, development and implementation of transformational ideas. He has lectured widely on the concept of OpenGrounds and serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Alliance for the Arts at Research Universities.

Bill Sherman's design work, ranging in scale from furniture to communities, has been published internationally and has received numerous awards, including six from the American Institute of Architects, five for Design Excellence at the national, state and local levels and one for Excellence in Education. In 2010, he was awarded the Z Society Distinguished Faculty Award at the University of Virginia and the Creative Achievement Award of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.