Director of the Insight Lab, Applied + Advanced Technology

Education: BSAD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.Arch, University of Virginia

"Computing Technology applied to Wicked Problems"

Eric Field is a technologist and architect -- specializing in data visualization, performance modeling, information design, energy design, and applied information technology. He serves as Director of Information Technology for the School of Architecture, teaches in the Department of Architecture, and is founder and director of the Insight Lab.  He also founded the school's original Digital CNC Fabrication Labs, and is a lead technologist in the management and development of information technology in the School of Architecture and University.

Areas of teaching and expertise include:
- Data Visualization
- Performance-Driven Design
- Energy, Daylighting, and Passive Design in buildings
- Simulation Modeling
- Analytic CAD / BIM
- Data Science in the Physical World
- Strategic Applications of Technology

Affilitated Centers:
- Data Science Institute, University of Virginia
- Center for Large-Scale Computational Modeling, University of Virginia 

- Data Visualization (SARC 5400) - a pan-university course for all disciplines on visualizing large and complex data, partially sponsored by the Data Science Institute
- Environmental Systems (ARCH 7250) - required graduate architecture course in performance-driven energy and environmental systems
- Introduction to Parametric Energy Design (ARCH 5342) - an undergraduate seminar in building performance design coupled with parametric modeling
- Special Applications of Technology (ARCH 5590) - an exploratory research seminar in applied topics of information technology.
He has also pioneered courses in Information Design, Digital CNC Fabrication, advanced geometric CAD modeling, and daylighting analysis.

Field has also taught Data Visualization for the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Research work includes:
- The Smaller Box - Designing better buildings and cities through performance-centered feedback.
- Data Science for Design - Beyond BIM, Data Analytics and visual data systems as tools for design
- ecoMOD DAT (Decision Analysis Tool), a dynamic network tool for visualizing decision making.
- ecoMOD, passive energy design, performance simulation, and data monitoring.
- Nature and Urban Walking - developing map-based data collection systems.  Connected with the Biophilic Cities Projects and the Yamuna River Project.
- The SEED Network and SEED Evaluator - a founding member of Social, Economic, Environmental Design and technical author of the SEED Evaluator platform.
- UVA Bay Game / Global Water Games, a web-based game and simulation platform visualizing complex sustainability interactions.

Since the mid 1990s, Mr. Field has taught core classes in 3D Computer Aided Design, visualization, animation and moviemaking, and has collaborated extensively on technology applications in design studios and courses. Mr. Field has also taught several segments of AIA/Continuing Education seminars on various technology. In 2001, Mr. Field founded the school's CNC Fabrication Lab of computer-controlled lasers, milling and routing machines, 3D digitizing and 3D printing, and Parts Lab, building fabrication into the design school curriculum.  In 2009, he founded and is Director of the Insight Lab — a multi-disciplinary design visualization and applied technology research lab.

Recent Awards include:
- 2013 R&D Award, Architect Magazine.  Awarded to the ecoMOD team for ecoMOD South projects.
- 2013 Leveraging Excellence Award, National Consortium for Continuous Innovation in Education.  the UVA Bay Game.  Collaborative team award.
- 2011 ACSA Housing Design Education Award, Excellence in Housing Design Curriculum.  ecoMOD projects.  Collaborative team award.
- 2011 Presidential Inauguration Research Poster Competition, Translational and Cross-Disciplinary Research.  The UVA Bay Game.  Team award.