VENICE : PRogram Overview

Venice is at the cutting edge of issues of great interest and relevance to the School. It is at the forefront of hydrological and ecological management, confronting a potentially hazardous situation through radical and innovative means.

It is also a leader in preservation, restoration, and adaptive re-use, with premier experts in the field who are available to be involved with our programs. It is a major center of the international art and contemporary architecture world, through its hosting of the art and architecture Biennale.  Equally important, Venice has since its origins been a key nodal point in a wide Mediterranean network, a center for mercantile, artistic, and architectural exchange. By virtue of geography, it remains a natural site from which to travel North, South, East, and West.  

The School of Architecture has a longstanding connection to Venice and the Veneto through the many years of Mario di Valmarana’s involvement. The aim of the new semester-length program in Venice is to reinvigorate these ties while giving undergraduate students at the School of Architecture an opportunity for immersion in the vibrant and unique cultural and architectural life of Venice.  

The Venice Semester Abroad Program is a fall semester option for fourth-year undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and second-year graduate students in Architectural History and Planning.

Courses count directly for UVA credit, and financial aid packages apply. The program includes two tracks, a design studio track, and a historic preservation track. Aside from this singular course difference all students take classes in drawing, urban, art and architectural history, and Venetian building traditions, taught by UVA faculty in collaboration with Venetian faculty. Housing is in a renovated convent together with students in other Italian university programs.

ARCH 3010/4010: Research Studio I/II (6 cr)

ARCH 5401: Drawing Venice (3 cr)

ARCH 4201: Forms and Materials of the Buildings of Venice (3 cr)

ARH 4201: Art and Architecture of Venice (3 cr)

SARC 4801: Italian Language and Culture (2 cr)

Maddalena Scimemi |

Program Director and Forms and Materials Instructor

Karen Van Lengen |

Studio Professor

Charlie Menefee |

Drawing Venice Instructor

Monica Shenouda |

Student Advisor and Art and Architecture of Venice Instructor