At UVA School of Architecture the Urban + Environmental Planning program focuses on understanding how cities can fulfill their greatest promise as places of commerce, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

The undergraduate curriculum in Urban + Environmental Planning gives students professional and design skills in the context of a liberal arts education, while emphasizing interdisciplinary study, internships, and research and design projects. Students typically take courses in the social and natural sciences, the humanities, and in design fields that complement professional courses in planning practice and theory.

The first year of study is a shared Common First Year curriculum wherein students take courses in three School of Architecture departments: Architecture, Urban + Environmental Planning, and Architectural History. During the spring semester of the first year, students choose an intended major: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Urban + Environmental Planning, or Bachelor of Architectural History.

The Urban + Environmental Planning department offers a wide range of lecture, practice-based and seminar courses, including a focus on community design and development, transportation strategies, data analysis and visualization, land use and environmental policy, field work, and social planning. 


The Bachelor of Urban + Environmental Planning is a 4-year undergraduate degree with a minimum of 125 credits.

The undergraduate program in Urban + Environmental Planning is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board, sponsored jointly by the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.

Undergraduate students entering the School of Architecture share a Common First Year Curriculum. Students take core courses in three School of Architecture departments: Architecture, Urban + Environmental Planning, and Architectural History to provide a framework for the study of contemporary culture through observation, analysis, and design. Students must pass each core course with a grade of C- or higher. During the spring semester of the first year, students choose an intended major: Bachelor of Architectural History, Bachelor of Science Architecture, or Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning.

Students must have a minimum of 125 credits with at least a 2.0 average in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning degree. A minimum of C- is required of all PLAN/PLAC and Language of Architecture courses. Students who wish to transfer to the program should consult with the Undergraduate Program Director before applying for transfer for the spring or fall semesters. If other prerequisites have been met, it is possible for transfer students to complete the required planning courses in two years.

A minor in urban and environmental planning requires 15 credits of PLAN courses with a minimum grade of C-. Students may choose from among any PLAN or PLAC course, with no more than 6 credits at the 5000 level. PLAN courses taken as a completed Planning Minor do not count against the limit of credits college students can take outside the College.

Jointly listed courses PLAN/ARCH, PLAN/EVSC, PLAN/SARC, etc. also count toward the minor.

The School of Architecture offers high-performing undergraduates direct admission into a graduate program offered within the School, including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban + Environmental Planning, or Architectural History.

All undergraduates who complete their degree in good academic standing are invited to continue their studies and complete their graduate degree at UVA. Students who complete their 7th semester with a 3.3 GPA or higher are guaranteed direct admission into the corresponding graduate program. For direct entry into graduate programs in Architecture (MArch) and Landscape Architecture (MLA), undergraduate architecture students must also achieve a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in design studios. These graduates are also invited to defer their admission for two years allowing them to enroll immediately or in either of the next two entering classes. In this way, Historians and Planners can earn the graduate degree (MArH and MUEP) in 5 years, Architects earn the professional graduate degree (MArch or MLA) in 6 years.