All students have a School of Architecture Printing Account.  This account is separate from your CAV Advantage card that you use elsewhere on Grounds.

  • Charges are posted directly as you print from school public computers or from your own laptop.
  • Test print to the color or B&W to check the job before sending to the plotters. 
  • Cancel jobs from the print queue on the computer that the print job was sent from or the print queue computer in 402. At that point, they haven’t been sent to the plotter so there is no charge.
  • If a job is canceled by the user at the printer/plotter, the user will be charged for the pages that printed - completely or partially. Since plot jobs are generally a single page the full charge is incurred once the job starts to print.
  • Your account is identified by your computer login name.  No card swipe or other identification is needed.
  • 10 days before the end of each month, you will be sent an email notice of current charges.
  • At the end of each month, all charges will be posted to your University SIS account for payment.  Your A-School printing account balance will be zeroed, and you start over for the next month.
  • Refunds for failed prints must be processed before the end of the month.  See the Business Office in 227 Campbell Hall.
  • Monitor your balance and individual print charges using the links on the left.
  • Setup your own laptop or desktop computer to print using the A-School Network Setup tools.

Black & White and Greyscale Printing

1fl-B&WNaug stairsStandard$0.08 / $0.06$0.10 / $0.08$0.10 / $0.08
3fl-B&W3rd Floor CopierStandard$0.08 / $0.06$0.10 / $0.08$0.10 / $0.08
4fl-B&W402Standard$0.08 / $0.06$0.10 / $0.08$0.10 / $0.08


Color Laser Printing

1fl-ColorNaug stairsStandard$0.25 / $0.22
$0.45 / $0.40
$0.45 / $0.40
3fl-Color3rd floor copierStandard$0.25 / $0.22
$0.45 / $0.40
$0.45 / $0.40
4fl-Color402Standard$0.25 / $0.22
$0.45 / $0.40
$0.45 / $0.40


Wide-Format Color Printing / Plotting

PlotA402Heavyweight Bond 42"$0.75 per square foot *$1.00 per square foot*
PlotB402Lightweight Bond 42"$0.50 per square foot *$0.75 per square foot*
PlotC402Lightweight Bond 42"$0.50 per square foot *$0.75 per square foot*
PlotD402Glossy Satin Photo 42"$1.00 per square foot *$1.25 per square foot*

* For Plotters, charges based on Sheet Size specified, not inked area.


Optimize them!
Large, complex PDFs from Illustrator can have way too much stuff in them.  Millions of lines.  Extremely high-resolution images.  Images laying on top of images, each of which needs to be processed by the printer.  But just to print it on paper, you can reduce this significantly and get your PDF to actually print right, and faster.

To keep your print jobs small, reduce the dpi, flatten layers, use vector over raster, and more to expedite plotting.

Use the PDF Optimizer in Adobe Acrobat Pro (File > Save As Other > Optimized PDF) to reduce the size and complexity of PDF files for printing. This can reduce DPI of large embedded images, flatten layers, remove unused graphics in the file, and otherwise make the PDF smaller and faster to print.

Flatten your PDF also in Acrobat Pro. Using the PDF Optimizer, choose the Discard User Data tab and then click on Discard hidden layer content and flatten visible layers.
Or if you just want to merge or flatten a file you're working on click in the grey bar on the left with the icons. Choose Layers. Click on the Layers icon. Click the Options icon, and choose Flatten Layers from the menu. 

***This will all significantly reduce the amount of data that you send and process when printing, and increase the likelihood that the job will print properly. ***

PDF Optimizer


Are your large plots coming out in the wrong rotation?  
The plotter may be auto-rotating too many times.  You just need to control it through the settings.

Instructions on Plot Rotation


Not getting the right colors when you print?

The quick answer - In the Print dialog box from Adobe, choose Advanced > Color Handling > Printer Color Management
This makes the printer itself handle all color translation and correction.

The more detailed answer - Color Management is an entire process of shifting colors to what each physical device (including your monitor screen) can show.
Read more about it here, along with more detailed instructions on printing with color management in the A-School:

Color Management for Printing


Billing Codes are set up to allow students to print on behalf of a faculty member for a class or project. Students should not use the code to print their own materials.

Billing Codes will only be created at the request of faculty.

Please use the IT Service Request to submit your request supplying the following information:

  1. The name of the Project of Class for which the student will be printing materials.
  2. The PATEO to be charged.
  3. The printing budget (the amount expected to be used.)
  4. A list of UVa Computing IDs (ex. mst3k) for the students who should have access to the code. NOTE: Email aliases are not valid.


Use of this account is for printing when requested and on behalf of the faculty owner of the code. TA's and RA's are not to use this account for their personal printing.

Billing Code Stations – Billing codes may only be used from these locations.

Fourth Floor - Three Print Stations (outside Rm 402) marked with banners across the top of the monitor.

Peyton - One computer marked with banners across the top of the monitor.

Instructions: (from the above-listed computers)

  1. Print document as you normally would.
  2. First dialog box – your Printing Account (e.g., eservices\mst3k) and password.
  3. Second dialog box – Billing Code. To use a billing code, enter the assigned code here. To print on your own account, leave this field blank.
  4. Third dialog box – Print Summary. Includes cost of current print job as well as the PRE-print account balance. You do not have to wait for the information to populate to accept.