Campbell Hall offers our students and faculty a stimulating environment in which to create, think, build, reflect, discuss and debate. Campbell Hall provides spaces and resources that support academic growth, stimulate experimentation, and shape a collective community.

Campbell Hall serves as the School of Architecture's central facility. It houses studio space; classrooms and seminar rooms; lecture halls; review spaces; galleries and exhibition spaces; fabrication labs; digital design labs; printing rooms; student lounges; faculty and administrative offices; and outdoor classrooms. 

Originally completed in 1970, three major additions to Campbell Hall in more recent years have reflected the growth of the school and its continued commitment to providing state-of-the-art resources, tools, facilities and environments for its students, faculty and staff.

Campbell Hall_East Additional_Scott Smith
Photo © Scott F Smith



Campbell Hall was named for Edmund S. Campbell who served as director of the McIntire Department of Art from 1927 to 1950. During this time, the architecture program was part of the Department of Art. The building was designed and constructed by Sasaki Associates, design consultant Pietro Belluschi, and Rawlings, Wilson and Associates. 

Campbell Hall construction 1970
Campbell Hall under construction. Photo courtesy University Archives, Special Collections, UVA Library

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