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The study and practice of architecture spans local to global scales and contexts. UVA School of Architecture believes that the future of its students will take them to all corners of the world, and therefore places values on providing varied and impactful international experiences for our students. These study abroad opportunities provide exposure to students in the areas of architecture, architectural history, urban and environmental planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and other design-related disciplines. 

International programs in architecture are structured to create opportunities for students to explore and understand how design influences day-to-day life in various cultures with diverse customs and traditions. By studying the relationship the past has to the present through direct observation and experience of landscapes, buildings, and cities, students develop the ability to creatively imagine meaningful and purposeful design solutions. The international experience also enhances the student's ability to think critically about how design is influenced by cultural, socio-political, economic, environmental, historical, and material factors.

Undergraduates in Architecture and Planning may study abroad in the summer between third and fourth year and/or the fall of the third or fourth year. Undergraduates in Architectural History may study abroad according to arrangements made after consulting their advisor.

Graduate students may study abroad in any summer while a student in the School and during a semester with the permission of the Program Director and the Chair of the student’s department or discipline.

We recommend discussing your options with your faculty advisor to determine the optimal time to study abroad.

Summer Programs / J-Term Programs

  • Rome
    • Program Director: Lisa Reilly /// J-Term 2024
  • Spain
    • Program Directors: Ines Martin-Robles + Luis Pancorbo /// J-Term 2024
  • India
    • Program Director: Phoebe Crisman /// J-Term 2024
  • Vicenza
    • Program Directors: Ines Martin-Robles + Luis Pancorbo /// Summer 2024
  • Greece
    • Program Directors: Phoebe Crisman + Michael Petrus /// Summer 2024

Fall Semester Programs

  • Barcelona
    • Program Director: Manuel Bailo /// Fall 2024
  • Venice
    • Program Director: William Sherman /// Fall 2024

Information Sessions + Resources

Virtual Fall 2023 Information Session

Join us for a virtual information session about study abroad programs in Greece (Summer 2024), Vicenza (Summer 2024), Barcelona (Fall 2024) and Venice (Fall 2024) on:

5.30PM - 6.30PM




Interested in applying to Greece Summer 2024, Vicenza Summer 2024, Barcelona Fall 2024, or Venice 2024 and need assistance?
Contact Margaret Walter, Education Abroad Advisor for the School of Architecture Programs 
Make an appointment with Margaret

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