Undergraduate Minors

UVA School of Architecture offers opportunities for current UVA undergraduate students pursuing any major to complete minors in a variety of built environment related disciplines.


A minor in architectural history requires 15 ARH credits, including ARH 1010 and ARH 1020, and three ARH electives (9 credits). Courses in History of Landscape Architecture, and Art History can count toward the minor with the permission of the Undergraduate Director. No thesis is required.

ADVISOR: LISA REILLY [lar2f@virginia.edu]



A minor in Architecture provides students with an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of, and appreciation for, architecture as an important component of culture and the built a minor in Architecture provides students with an opportunity to develop a basic understanding of, and appreciation for, architecture as an important component of culture and the built environment. The Minor in Architecture is offered to all students at the University. Students who complete the Minor range from those whose major is in a related field and who wish to expand the boundaries of that endeavor, to those considering graduate study in architecture.

ADVISOR: ELGIN CLECKLEY [elc2n@virginia.edu]



The Design Minor is a distinctive, interdisciplinary minor program that will equip students with foundational skills in spatial and visual thinking, and the material practices of designers from multiple disciplines.

The Design Minor leverages the strengths and unique disciplinary practices of the four departments in the School of Architecture (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban & Environmental Planning, and Architectural History). The curriculum is grounded in the disciplinary practices of design, while incorporating expertise from numerous allied disciplines and fields of study. The main objective is to serve a wide population of undergraduate students throughout the University who are interested in complementing their current course of study with the methodologies of Design Thinking, spatial and material practices, and the strategies of creative problem-solving.

ADVISOR: JOHN COMAZZI [jcomazzi@virginia.edu]



A minor in Urban and Environmental Planning requires 15 credits of PLAN courses with a minimum grade of C-. Students may choose from among any PLAN courses, with no more than six credits at the 5000-level counted toward the minor. PLAN courses taken as a completed Planning Minor do not count against the limit of credits college students can take outside the College. Students minoring in Urban and Environmental Planning are highly encouraged to take PLAN 1010, Introduction to Planning, and PLAN 3030, Neighborhoods, Communities, and Regions.

Jointly listed courses PLAN/ARCH, PLAN/EVSC, PLAN/SARC, etc. also count toward the minor.

ADVISOR: JENNIFER LAWRENCE [kmd5xf@virginia.edu]



A Minor in Global Sustainability is comprised of five courses: a required Foundation Course, Global Sustainability; three electives from a pre-approved list with one course selected from each of three categories: Equity, Environment, and Economy & Policy; and a final Capstone course selected from an approved list of sustainability-focused, upper–level courses in several disciplines. No more than two of the four elective courses may be taken within a student’s own department, in order that each student adds breadth to their major course of study. At least three of the student’s courses must be above the 3000 level.

ADVISOR: PHOEBE CRISMAN [pc4v@virginia.edu]



The minor in Historic Preservation requires a total of 15 completed credit hours with a minimum grade of C-. The following distribution is required: 3 credits of theory, 6 credits of history, 3 credits of field methods, 3 credits of "Specialized Component" that is focused on preservation practice. Example Specialized Component classes include design, technology, materials science, planning, law, and curation. An internship is not required for the minor. However, internships are encouraged and many students undertake them. 

ADVISOR: ANDY JOHNSTON [asj4w@virginia.edu]



Undergraduates wishing to minor in landscape architecture explore the issues and the future of the natural and built environment as shaped by dynamic ecological processes and human cultural practices. The minor is offered to all undergraduates–from those considering graduate studies in landscape architecture to those who just wish to broaden the scope of their major in a related field that is key to envisioning sustainable planning and design. A minor in landscape architecture requires at least 15 credits in landscape architecture and a minimum GPA of 3.000.

ADVISOR: LEENA CHO [lcho@virginia.edu]

Any undergraduate student at UVA interested in one of the School of Architecture minors listed above should contact the Advisor specific to the minor of his/her choice listed above for more details.

To apply, contact Tashana Starks (Director of Advising and Academic Support) at tdp2m@virginia.edu or Campbell 316.

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