Certificate in Real Estate Design and Development

The Real Estate Design and Development certificate program is open to graduate students in any department of the School of Architecture who want to pursue an interdisciplinary program that aims to develop responsible citizen leaders and professionals in the realms of real estate design and development.


The Real Estate Design and Development graduate certificate program provides an opportunity for graduate students in all four disciplines (Architecture, Architectural History, Landscape Architecture and Urban + Environmental Planning) in the UVA School of Architecture, and in other affiliated UVA Schools, to expand their professional training to achieve a fundamental understanding of the dynamics and processes of private for-profit and non-profit real estate design and property development.

The program recognizes that real estate development is inherently interdisciplinary — sitting at the intersection of architecture and design, law, finance, engineering, planning and government. The certificate is designed to provide graduate students with specific knowledge and skills regarding the economic, financial, social, and legal dimensions of real estate and property development. Students will gain foundational knowledge of real estate practice, and learn to harness and integrate building form, design, financing innovation and development. 

This certificate program is unique in how it reflects the School's long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity, public service and design excellence. Its curriculum emphasizes the importance of design and community engagement in real estate development, while infusing business acumen into the design and planning curriculum. The program takes full advantage of pan-University partnerships with the McIntire School of Commerce, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Darden School of Business, and the School of Law providing true cross-disciplinary opportunities for students.


The Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Design and Development requires a completion of 16 credits of coursework at the graduate level. Current students enrolled in the Real Estate Design and Development certificate program must consult UVA's Graduate Record for the official requirements for this certificate.

UVA School of Architecture graduate students are eligible to apply for admission to the Real Estate Design and Development certificate program. Applicants must complete:

  • An application form

  • At least one semester in a graduate degree program in the School of Architecture with good academic standing.

No transfer credits will be accepted.

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