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UVA School of Architecture believes that everyday we make and remake the world.

UVA School of Architecture is home to four closely related departments — architecture, architectural history, landscape architecture, and urban + environmental planning.  With access to a wide range of coursework and engagement across these departments, undergraduate students at the School of Architecture gain a broad understanding of design and the built environment. The School's highly reputed undergraduate programs are rooted in creative and intellectual acts of design, making, research, scholarship, and engagement.


If you are currently a high school student (first-year) or college student enrolled outside of UVA (external transfer) exploring the wealth of opportunities that await you at the School of Architecture, read here for tips about applying:

STEP 1: 

Regardless of whether you are just beginning your college search, or you are now in the process of applying, complete the UVA STUDENT INQUIRY FORM and be sure to indicate your Academic Interest as Architecture, Architectural History, or Urban + Environmental Planning. Completing this form allows us to know of your interest in the School of Architecture so we can invite you to special events designed specifically for prospective School of Architecture students.

STEP 2: 

Connect with the School of Architecture through one of our many activities for prospective undergraduate students posted on our VISIT US page.

STEP 3: 

Subscribe to NOTES from PEABODY, a blog maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Admission that provides relevant and timely information on the application process.

STEP 4: 

All first-year and external transfer applicants to UVA School of Architecture submit their applications through the OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION. Be sure to visit their website for detailed information regarding application deadlines, the admission process, and much more.


For transfer applicants to the Bachelor of Science Architecture program only, curate your portfolio. The portfolio for transfer applicants to the BS Architecture degree program is a valuable part of the application process and helps us to understand your creativity and visual communications skills. View the PORTFOLIO GUIDELINES FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS for additional details.

Note: First-Year applicants to the School of Architecture no longer submit work samples or portfolios as part of their applications. Students should use the university essays to express their creativity and interest in pursuing study in the School of Architecture.


Credit for courses fulfilling general requirements taken outside of UVA is routinely given if the courses are determined to be equivalent to courses offered at UVA. Core courses within the School of Architecture curriculum may not be eligible for transfer credit. In some circumstances, courses from other schools of architecture may be determined to satisfy program requirements. Department of Architecture degree students will not receive credit for drafting or computer drafting courses previously completed.

Contact Maya Drake, Academic Advisor, with additional questions about transferring.

Note: The School of Architecture welcomes applications from students enrolled outside of UVA for fall entry only.

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