Q. What are the deadlines to apply for first-year admission?

A. The UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission administers the application process for all first-year applicants. Deadlines and details for how to apply are found here. Questions about the application process, when decisions will be released, and when you must respond to your offer of admission should be directed to undergradadmission@virginia.edu.

Q: Is an interview required for admission?

A: While prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend an information session, we do not offer interviews. View the School of Architecture’s VISIT US page for details on how to connect with us. The UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission posts opportunities to visit UVA on their website.

Q: What scores do I need on AP, IB, A-levels, or AICE tests in order to receive college credit?

A: The test scores required to receive college credit can be found on the University Registrar Admissions page.

Q: Am I required to take SAT Subject Tests?

A: The Office of Undergraduate Admission has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about the application process on their FAQ website. We encourage you to review this resource carefully, and direct specific questions about the application process to undergradadmission@virginia.edu.

Q: Do I need to submit a portfolio for admission?

A: Portfolios are only required for transfer applicants to the Bachelor of Science, Architecture program. First year applicants should use the university essays to express their creativity and interest in pursuing study in the School of Architecture; work samples and portfolios will no longer be optional components of the first-year application.



Q: Where can I locate general academic start and end dates for the upcoming years?

A: The University’s academic calendars can be found through the University Registrar.

Q: How many students are enrolled in the School of Architecture?

A: In fall 2022, 704 students were enrolled; 404 of whom were undergraduates. Refer to the UVA Enrollment Dashboard to see characteristics of the School of Architecture student body.

Q: What is the average class size?

A: The introductory undergraduate lecture (ARCH 1010, ARCH 1020, ARH 1010 & PLAN 1030) have enrollments exceeding 100 students, but typically include smaller group discussions of 15-20 students each. Upper-level undergraduate lecture courses range in size from 10-90 students. Combined graduate and undergraduate seminars range from 15-20 students. Studio classes generally have 12-14 students.

Q: Are there study abroad opportunities for Architecture students? If so, when is it recommended to go abroad?

A: Yes, students from all programs have opportunities to study abroad. Learn more about Study Abroad.

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