Helpful Information about Course Registration, Student Records, and Curricular Advising


The Office of Academic Support at the School of Architecture oversees student records, registration and advising.  This office works closely with, and is part of, our Academic Support Team which also includes our Associate Dean of Academics and Assistant Dean of Academic Support.

Sharon McDonald is the Registrar for the School of Architecture.
Tashana Starks is the Director of Advising and Academic Support. 
Maya Drake is our Academic Advisor.

The Office of Academic Support offers the following services:

  • Grade-related and schedule-related forms and policies

  • Course registration assistance and management

  • Course Add/Drop instructions and procedures

  • Assistance with transcripts

  • Assistance with graduation procedures

  • Academic advising through appointment

  • Major/minor (degree) selection in coordination with faculty program directors

  • Planning for study abroad

  • Transferring in or out of the School of Architecture

The following forms are among those available through the Office of Academic Support:

  • Petition forms

  • Approval for summer courses

  • Applications for minors and graduate certificates

Note: Many of these forms are online. Please contact the Office of Academic Support ( / for assistance.

Do not acquire forms in Garrett Hall, because they are intended for students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Related Links on this page provide helpful information for course selection, requirements, and registration.

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