Vicenza and the Veneto: Program Overview


Lines of connection follow observation.  Relationships are determined following questioning.  Questions start drawings. Drawing therefore is at the core of a designer’s work for it actively combines the processes of observation and considered positioning with the making of substantive marks.  Well-founded consideration and clear position-taking are essential components in a successful design process. Without drawing, design as we know it does not happen.

The Vicenza Program is driven by questions and to a certain degree quests.  No matter the level of sophistication, in my experience I do not know of an instance when a person who has made a drawing pursuant to a question is not wiser (or at least more knowledgeable) for having made the effort. Drawing never narrows ones field of view - drawing only expands us.  In short, drawing is instructive.  I sense that most students know this.  There is evidence that drawing, when combined with a concerted effort to seek out, question, and document connections, may be one of the most powerful tools a hopeful person has to maintain positive and creative outpu

— by former Program Director, Professor Emeritus Charlie Menefee


This summer program is based in Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Italy. With a population just over 100,000, Vicenza is home to the Villa La Rotunda and numerous other buildings by Palladio. It is located approximately 30 minutes by train from the city of Venice.

Open to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduates and graduate students.


Program dates, Program details, Planning Information, Program Costs, Financial Aid Information and Application Details can be found at UVA's Education Abroad Website.

Please note: School of Architecture students are encouraged to apply for dedicated financial aid for this program. Application details can be found through the link shared above.

Luis Pancorbo |
Associate Professor in Architecture, Professor Pancorbo's research interests focus on the technical dimension of architecture and its influence on the methodology of architectural design, American industrial architecture, and industrial ruins and derelict productive landscapes.

Ines Martin Robles |
Associate Professor in Architecture, with research interests in Modern Spanish and Ibero-American architecture, the survival of the past through tradition, and the role of memory for architectural design methodology.

In Vicenza, the Instructors are supported by graduate Teaching Assistants.


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