Ines Martin Robles



Universidad San Pablo. CEU. Ph.D, ETSAM/UPM. M.A, ETSAM/UPM, B.A


Ines focuses her professional practice on the submission of international architectural competitions. Associated with Luis Pancorbo, she has won 17 awards in different competitions and 10 awards for their built work, including the recent AZ Awards in Canada, AR awards of AIA, and the ACSA Faculty Design Award. Their work has been published in numerous international magazines.

Her research interests focus on Modern Spanish and Ibero-American architecture, on the survival of the past through tradition, and on the role of memory for architectural design methodology. She has widely published in peer review journals and achieved a Ph.D with a dissertation entitled “Tradition in Julio Cano Lasso”.

Ines Martin-Robles has been Associate Professor in ESNE School of Design, Madrid, from 2011 to 2015.

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