FAQS - Graduate + PhD Admissions

Q: What is the fall 2024 application deadline?

A: January 10, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all application materials are submitted by the application deadline for your application to move forward in the review process. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Return to your application checklist to confirm all required items are submitted.

Q: Is an interview required for admission?

A: Shortlisted PhD candidates will be invited to participate in a brief video interview with members of the PhD admission committee in February. You will be notified by mid-February if you are invited to interview.

While we are unable to interview all other candidates for admission, know that we spend a great deal of time evaluating your application. All components of your application are considered in the decision-making process. As such, we recommend you give time and thought to submitting an application that highlights your strengths.

Q: Is a Master's degree required to apply to the PhD in the Constructed Environment program? 

A: Yes.

Q: Do you require a portfolio?

A: A portfolio is required for applicants to the Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture programs as well as for any applicant interested in pursuing the Urban Design Certificate. Portfolio submissions are optional for applicants to the PhD in the Constructed Environment program.

Q: Should I send a physical copy of my portfolio?

A: No. Upload your portfolio digitally with your application. Do NOT submit a physical copy. (Remember to double-check the formatting of your PDF!)


Q: Do you require calculus or physics before entering the MArch program?

A: Calculus and physics are highly recommended prior to entering the MArch program but are not prerequisites for admission.

Q: Can I receive an application fee waiver?

A: UVA School of Architecture students and recent graduates who meet the criteria to apply as a Direct Admit applicant, current UVA School of Architecture graduate students applying for a second degree, Bonner Scholars/Leaders, and applicants who meet UVA’s eligibility requirements may receive an application fee waiver. The School of Architecture is unable to provide other application fee waivers.

Q: When are admission decisions made, and how will I be notified?

A: Admissions decisions will be posted by early March. You will be notified of our admission decision through the online application platform and via email.

Q: Do you have any part-time programs?

A: No, all of our programs are considered full-time.

Q: May I enroll in the spring semester?

A: We offer admission to the graduate programs for the fall semester only (though some students may be required to begin classes during UVA’s Summer Sessions). Students who would like to take non-degree classes in the spring may be able to take a course through the Community Scholar program, administered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Q: I qualify for Direct Admit. How do I apply?

A: Direct Admit students complete the same application as our regular applicants and should select "Yes" to the question "Are you applying as a Direct Admit?" applicant. The application will automatically remove any requirements that are waived for Direct Admit students. 

Current and former UVA School of Architecture students who believe they are eligible to apply as Direct Admit applicants must upload to the graduate application proof of Direct Admit eligibility obtained from Tashana Starks, Director of Advising + Academic Support (tdp2m@virginia.edu). We encourage you to contact Tashana Starks at least one week in advance of the application deadline to secure your eligibility proof.

Direct Admit eligible students who wish to continue their graduate studies at UVA beyond 2024 should contact the Office of Admission + Financial Aid at a-school-admissions@virginia.edu for details. 

Q: What is involved in applying for two degrees?

A: Applicants interested in pursuing dual degrees must apply for each program separately. Create and submit one application per program, submit one copy of all required materials per program, and submit one application fee per program. Applications will be reviewed independently of each other.

Currently enrolled graduate students seeking a second degree must submit a complete application by the application deadline.

Contact the Office of Admission + Financial Aid at a-school-admissions@virginia.edu with questions about how to apply for dual degrees.

Q: I previously applied to the School of Architecture. Do I need to resubmit an application?

A: Yes, a new application with all applicable information updated is required.

Contact the Office of Admission + Financial Aid at a-school-admissions@virginia.edu with questions about how to reapply.

Q: If I am currently enrolled in another graduate program, may I transfer to your program, and will my credits transfer?

A: If you believe your current school or program is no longer the correct fit for you, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your options at the UVA School of Architecture. Students may apply though the regular admission process and must adhere to all application requirements and deadlines to be considered. If admitted, the Graduate Program Director will determine if you are eligible for advanced standing.

The School of Architecture’s transfer policy is found in the UVA Graduate Record. We strongly encourage you first to seek guidance from the Graduate Program Director of the department in which you are interested in transferring before beginning the application process.

Q: Does my 3-year bachelor’s degree from an international institution qualify me for graduate admission?

A: Graduate admission for international students is contingent on the submission of official transcripts through a NACES-approved credential evaluator. Degree equivalency will be determined by the NACES credential evaluator. The School of Architecture does not determine which international degrees are equivalent to U.S. undergraduate degrees. If you are unsure if your 3-year undergraduate degree is the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree, we recommend having your academic records evaluated by a NACES member organization.

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