Ila Berman



DDes, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; MDes, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; BAS, Carleton University


Ila Berman, DDes, is the Elwood R. Quesada Professor in Architecture. She was Dean of the School of Architecture, and Edward E. Elson Professor at the University of Virginia from 2016 - 2021. She is an architect, theorist, and curator of architecture and urbanism whose research investigates the relationship between culture and the evolution of contemporary material, technological and spatial practices. She is a featured alumna of Harvard University’s Grounded Visionaries series and the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Design, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Fellowships, a Special Achievement Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from Tulane University, where she was a Favrot Professor, founding director of the URBANbuild program, and the Associate Dean of the School of Architecture until 2007. She has also held academic administrative appointments as the O’Donovan Director of the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, and the Director of the School of Architecture at CCA in San Francisco.


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