Isaac Alejandro Mangual-Martínez



Master of Architecture (M.Arch) | Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.Envd) | University of Puerto Rico


Born and raised in the enchanted archipelago of Puerto Rico, Isaac Alejandro Mangual-Martínez holds a Master of Architecture from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico. His deep interest lies in the storytelling and narrative dimensions inherent in architecture, drawing inspiration from cinema, diverse media modalities, and the world of art. As a Virginia Architecture Fellow, he will be researching the subject of Migration and (Archi)Cultural Entanglement in the Caribbean and the United States, focusing specifically on present-day Puerto Rico and its diasporic communities in the United States. This project incorporates interdisciplinary design thinking and explores Puerto Rican fiction and nonfiction narratives in relation to the living conditions of these diverse Boricua communities. Isaac hopes that this research will facilitate discussions on climate gentrification, post-disaster housing instability, and systemic injustices towards communities of color.  

Isaac is also deeply passionate about Mentorship as Pedagogy and Collaborative efforts in Academia. He believes in breaking barriers of inequity and fostering support within the academic community through mentorship. He had the privilege of participating as a panelist in the University of Michigan's 2023 Wallenberg Symposium in Equity in Architectural Education.  

Isaac actively seeks to develop long-lasting collaborative partnerships between institutions, particularly MSIs and HBCUs, fostering relationships that aim to democratize access to resources and knowledge. Through these collaborative efforts, Isaac strives to promote inclusivity and foster transformative change within the academic landscape. Before joining the A-School, Isaac held teaching positions at Virginia Tech and FAMU. During his tenure at Virginia Tech, he also served as the 5th Year Thesis Coordinator of the Undergraduate Architecture Program. Currently, he is a fellow in the Dean's Equity and Inclusion Initiative, a multi-institutional fellowship program that supports emerging scholars in advancing socio-ecological and spatial justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  

Isaac’s design studios and lecture courses are characterized by playfulness and experimentation. He aims to encourage students to explore together, cultivating curiosity and engaging critically and empathetically with the social conditions of our present-day landscapes.


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