Master of Urban + Environmental Planning

The Master of Urban + Environmental Planning enables students to develop the critical knowledge and skillsets to enable cities and regions to fulfill their greatest promise as places of vibrant activity, social equity, and environmental sustainability. The MUEP balances core knowledge with personalized specialization to maximize the benefit of the degree.


The graduate program in Urban + Environmental Planning at UVA is committed to fostering sustainability through collaborative planning and community engagement. Our emphasis on sustainability is founded on the idea that human settlement and wellbeing are inherently intertwined with ecologies and global environmental health. However, equity and justice are also central to our concept of sustainability, and we recognize the role of planning in fostering equitable cities and environments.

As a professional degree, MUEP students cultivate the theoretical insights, analytical skills, technical tools, and first-hand experience needed to become effective, ethical professionals who are prepared to lead.

Our students come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds including but not limited to the social sciences, engineering, design, and liberal arts. Planning is a broad profession with many opportunities to parlay your interests into a meaningful and successful career. To help you decide the best approach to your degree, your specialization, and your future career, we support each student through faculty mentorship in addition to regular student advising.

The Graduate Program in Urban and Environmental Planning is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board, sponsored jointly by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. Students graduating with an MUEP can attain their AICP certification after two years of planning employment.


UVA Urban and Environmental Planning Chair Suzanne Moomaw and former Graduate Program Director Andrew Mondschein share highlights of the program.

Student Perspectives

Learn about the MUEP program from our current students.




The Master of Urban + Environmental Planning is a 2-year graduate degree with a minimum of 51 credits.

Curricular Requirement for MUEP students starting in Fall 2023

Curricular Requirements for MUEP students starting in Fall 2022 (view "Two-Year Program Summary")

Curricular Requirements for MUEP students who matriculated prior to Fall 2022 (view "Two-Year Program Summary")

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The degree requires 51 credits. The core courses ground students in the fundamentals of planning history and thought and provide the skills, methods, and experiences to be an effective planning leader. They include:

  • Race and the American City

  • Law, Land, and the Environment

  • Planning Theory and Practice

  • Quantitative Methods of Planning Analysis

  • Methods of Community Research and Engagement

  • Digital Technology for Planning and Design: GIS

  • Urban Planning and Design Studio

  • Planning Practicum

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