Information Technology Policy + Security

The following are policies and standards for the School of Architecture and the University of Virginia more broadly, which apply to all employees - faculty and staff - and include equipment, software, data, and the ways in which we all work with these.  Some of these policies will also apply to students, especially students who work for the School in an SIA, SRA, or SSA position or related activities.

These policies are required and apply to everyone, as established and supported by the Dean's office.

School of Architecture Policies and Standards
A-School specific standards, expectations, and implementations of University policy.


UVA Information and Data Security Policies and Standards
Standing UVA policy that apply across all of UVA, and sometimes State of Virginia, with sometimes Federal connections.


Research Data Security
A developing area covering requirements for protection of research operations.


File Storage and Sharing / Security of Data Storage
What and where you can and cannot store or send / share / transmit certain types of data.


Records Retention and Destruction
Policies, Standards, and Guidelines on how long to keep certain information and how to properly and legally destroy it.


Purchasing, Contracts, Terms and Conditions
For equipment, software, and web and cloud services, including how click-throughs apply to terms and liability. (short answer, you are liable unless you use an existing vendor)


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