There are supplies available around the School for model making and prototyping, so you should check areas around the Studios and FabLab before heading out to buy any material.  If you are headed out, here is a list of places to start with at UVA and in the Charlottesville area. 

If you are looking for something specific or have a question, email and they can will point you in a good direction — free spots around the Lab or Grounds, other places in town, or online.

The University Transit Service provides several free bus routes in and around University grounds. For routes, schedules and more information please go to UVA's University Transit Services webpage. Students use the buses and trolleys to get around Charlottesville and pick up supplies for classes. 

UVA Bookstore (and Cavalier Computers)

Number: 1-800-759-4667  
Location:  400 Emmet St. South (behind Newcomb Hall)

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 6PM; Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sunday, 11AM to 5PM  
Materials: Paper boards like cardboard, chipboard, museum board, Modeling and Drawing Supplies 

UVA ROSE Program (Reusable Office Supply Exchange)

Number: 434-982-5050 (Call for appointment)

Location:  UVA Recycling, Leake Drive
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8AM-3PM  
Materials: Cardboard, Office Supplies FOR FREE

UVA Sawmilling  
Materials: raw sawn and solar kiln dried lumber from around Grounds for folks on Grounds to recycle and use  

The Scrappy Elephant  
Number: 434-207-2106
Location: 1745 Allied St., Suite C

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-5:30PM, Sunday 11AM-5PM  
Materials: All crafting supplies and tools! Papers, fabrics, yarn, paints, scraps of all sorts! 
(It's a craft re-use store, so it's all about keeping things out of the landfills!)

Martin Hardware  
Number: 434-293-9188  
Location: 941 Preston Avenue

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30AM-5:30PM, Saturday 8AM-5PM  
Materials: Hardware, Tools, Adhesives, Paint, Piano Wire, Brass Shapes, Basswood, Rockite, Etc. 

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror  
Number: 434-293-9188  
Location: 1428 East High Street

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM  
Materials: Acrylic and Glass 

Dodson Glass and Mirror  
Number: 434-973-7534  
Location:  1117 East Market Street

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8AM-4:30PM  
Materials: Acrylic and Glass 

Better Living Building Supply  
Number: 434-973-4333  
Location: 3450 Berkmar Drive  
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7AM-4:30PM  
Materials: Lumber 

Northland Forest Products  
Number: 434-589-8213  
Location: 220 Zion Park Road, Troy, VA  
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7AM-4PM  
Materials: Lumber 

Allied Concrete  
Number: 434-296-7181  
Location: 1000 Harris Street  
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 7AM-4PM  
Materials: Concrete, casting pigment 

Rails Tails  
Number: 434-984-1170  
Location: 705C Dale Avenue

Hours:  Tuesday -- Saturday 11AM-7PM, Sunday 12-6PM

Materials: Modeling materials and scale figures


Number: 434-971-1072

Location: 1035 Emmet St. N. Barracks Road Shopping Center

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9AM to 9PM; Sunday, 10AM to 7PM  
Materials: Craft and Modeling Supplies 


Number: 434-975-7140

Location: 1900 Seminole Trail (North 29)

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 7AM – 9PM, Sunday 8AM – 7PM  
Materials: Lumber, Casting Supplies, Paint, Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Harbor Freight  
Number: 434-214-4200  
Location: 440 Gander Drive  
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8AM-8PM, Sunday, 9AM-6PM  
Materials: Tools and Woodshop Supplies 

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